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Dermaceutic Experts


Conquest Aesthetics have carefully selected our team of Dermaceutic Experts. Our Experts come from a wide background of specialities, but what they all have in common is an above average passion for skin care. Our team has extensive knowledge in treating the skin, not only with chemical peels but rather a wide variety of non-invasive treatments.

Our Dermaceutic Experts have indepth knowledge of the skin, the Dermaceutic range, and treating patients non-surgically.

Our Experts are there to provide experience and guidance to other Dermaceutic professionals, as well as give us valued feedback on new products and treatments. 


Meet our team of Experts below:


Dr Anjana Bhana

Pigmentation Expert - how to treat pigmentation problems effectively and safely


Dr Anjana Bhana is a wife, mom and extremely hard-working and ambitious individual. Her passions are people, beauty and health.

She graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2005, taking the SADA Medal for leadership (for her role as Dental Student Council President as well as other leadership roles) as well as The Maxillo Facial Department’s Research award for her study on Rhinocerebral Mucomycosis in a Ketoacidotic Diabetic. Socially and academically she excelled at University.


She also has a love for aesthetics that led her to start learning and developing her skills in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine. She constantly updates her knowledge with various courses, workshops and conferences as well as doing an Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine .


She always goes the extra mile for her patients and offers them a boutique, customized service.


Dr Anjana Bhana has completed the only South African registered post graduate course in Aesthetic Medicine offered in South Africa. Aesthetic Medicine is her passion and she takes every opportunity to study and grow her skills. She has also completed a course on Maxillofacial orthopaedics and orthodontics and has developed an interest in interceptive orthodontics.


She is also on the SAACD – South African Association of Cosmetic Doctor’s EXCO.

Ingrid Katz

Skin Health Expert - how to approach managing your skin health, holistically and non-surgically


Ingrid is a qualified skin care professional & has several years of experience in the skin care industry.  With a keen interest in non-surgical aesthetics, Ingrid set up Pure Aesthetics with Dr Gabriel Doucas, a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at Netcare Linksfield Hospital.  She uses a combination of cosmeceuticals and aesthetic treatments to help each client find real solutions for optimal skin health. 


Her passion for working on a more personal level with clients allows for a more tailored approach to each and every person looking for skin solutions.  The reward of seeing a satisfied and more confident client is what keeps her loving what she does.


Skin health is a number one priority for Ingrid and this is why she is dedicated to obtaining a healthy balanced skin above all other concerns.  She has found that in many cases, common skin concerns are addressed once this balance is achieved and maintained.  Constant research is imperative to treat the many different ailments seen in clinics today – be they acne, eczema, dermatitis… the list goes on. And so, with this research, Ingrid is able to offer advice on a variety of in-salon and at home protocols to a range of concerns.


Sonette Donker

Technical Expert - how do chemical peels work, ingredients and everything to do with Cosmeceuticals


Sonette is a qualified professional skin care therapist and has worked in the professional skin care industry for almost 20 years. Working for companies such as Dermalogica, Nimue Skin International, SKin Rejuvenation Technologies and pHformula as well as running her own consulting company, Skin iD.


She has travelled the world presenting at congresses, press events and medical conferences.


Many of the South Africa beauty editors tap into Sonette's skin knowledge on a monthly basis and she is seen as an expert in her field.


She is passionate about the skin and enjoys presenting on skin physiology, skin care products and business related topics.


Currently Sonette doesn't just consult for corporate companies in the skincare industry, she also owns her own clinic performing medical grade chemical peels alongside a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.




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