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Product of the month - Turn Over

So it’s not just good enough that I work with Dermaceutic every day, but I like to make sure that I use the products too and understand them. I believe in the products that I represent and make sure I have tried and tested everything.

What’s interesting is even with all the products available at my fingertips I still go through stages with my favourites. This is largely due to weather, lifestyle and of course when the hormones like to take their toll.

I have recently been through a rather bad stage with my skin; I got peri-oral dermatitis soon after I started running. I think it had a lot to do with change in my hormones, perspiration and also the harsh climate taking its toll on my skin.

I have been working hard at getting my skin healthy again and the product that seems to be really standing out for me is the Dermaceutic Turn Over cream. I use it every night and it has completely transformed the area where I had the dermatitis as well as the rest of my skin. It has improved the texture as well as removed the redness that the dermatitis left. Even after it had gone.

The change in my skin since adding Turn Over to my regime is phenomenal. I am honestly in love with this simple, yet highly effective product.

Turn Over cream forms part of the STIMULATING segment of the Dermaceutic home care range, it is essentially a stimulating night cream. The role of Turn Over is to essentially stimulate cellular turnover – hence the name By increasing the cellular Turn Over of the skin, this powerful product acts as an anti aging tool and reduces the signs of aging. The formulation is very simple and essentially contains 15% Glycolic Acid in a beautiful white, silky smooth consistency cream.

The Glycolic Acid in Turn Over is very concentrated and aids in cellular regeneration by removing dead cells that build up on the skin’s surface, therefore stimulating cellular renewal.

What I’ve loved the most about Turn Over is that it has made my skin beautifully smooth and transformed my complexion.

I am not a skin faffer, although I look after my skin, I want something that is simple, and effective. I don’t want to faff around with 5 products as a night time regime. I love Turn Over because all I have to do is cleanse at night (Dermaceutic Foamer 15), and follow it with a pump of Turn Over. In the beginning it causes your skin to seriously tingle, but who doesn’t like a good tingle to prove that your skin care is working. It applies easily and doesn’t smell.

I can highly recommend Turn Over cream, because you can honestly see the difference in your skin, within a couple of days.

*Disclaimer: I am the Director of the Aesthetics Division of Conquest Aesthetics, so I do have an invested interest in the products I review. However my reviews are based on my passion for the industry, the products I represent and my love for the science behind skin care. All my reviews are honest and factually correct*

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