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The results, the downtime and what to expect during and after a deep peel.

Not all peels are created equal when it comes to strength and results. The deeper the product penetrates the skin, the longer lasting the results, but the longer the downtime. Medium depth and Deep peels are not for everyone based on their Fitzpatrick photo-type, budget and emotional strength to cope with the downtime.

Before having a medium depth or deep chemical peel the skin must be prepared with active homecare products containing Retinol, Glycolic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid. I recommend a selection of products, i.e. Foamer 15, Turn Over, Tri Vita C30, Activ Retinol 1.0, Regen Ceutic and C25 Cream. If the patient is prone to hyperpigmentation it is vital to prep the skin with a cream containing tyrosinase inhibitors i.e. Mela Cream or Yellow Cream. The patient needs to prep his/ her skin for 2-4 weeks prior to a medium depth or deep chemical peel.

Upon chemical peel application, the skin healing process is triggered. Neutrophils enter the area treated with a chemical peel and they stay there for 3-5 days. Macrophages are present from day 3 to 10 and lymphocytes from day 6 to day 7. Re-epithelialization starts just 24 hours post the peel. After the re-epithelialization phase, dermal collagen is regenerated over 2-3 months. The speed of skin regeneration after a medium depth peel all depends on the amount of pilosebaceous units (PSUs) in the treated area. The face has many PSUs with most on the nose and forehead and fewer on the cheeks and temples.


Chemical peels leave a layer of dead, but protective skin in place which enhances re-epithelialization. The strips of skin that remain after the peel should not be pulled off but left to fall off naturally as it protects the new skin.


After the Cosmo Peel Forte the skin could turn brown and peel for 7 to 10 days. During this time it is vital for your client/ patient to use Advanced Cleanser, Panthenol Ceutic and K Ceutic.

After Day 1

I have had the Cosmo Peel Forte three times already and I found the Advanced Cleanser to be gentle enough and effective in cleaning my skin without irritation. Keeping a peeling skin well moisturised is vital and therefore the Advanced Cleanser is perfect with all its moisturizing ingredients.

The Panthenol Ceutic I found fantastic during the evening, keeping my skin protected while healing it. During the day I preferred the K Ceutic with SPF 50, protecting my skin against UV and the Glycoproteins increasing the cell renewal rate, which shortens the peeling process. However if you need to choose one, it would be the Panthenol Ceutic.

My skin turned brown every time I had the Cosmo Peel Forte, and I peeled for 8 days every time. My skin felt incredibly tight on day two, but I just kept on applying my K Ceutic which helped me a lot with regards to comfort. I started peeling day 2/3 and peeled in total for 7 days.

My skin definitely improved more after 2-3 months of having the Cosmo Peel Forte. The texture of my skin improved the most with smaller pores and a reduction in deep lines. Many people commented on my skin and asked what I had done.

I also don’t find this Peel very painful, in fact I feel the normal Cosmo Peel 15% and 18% is more uncomfortable. You feel heat and some burning, but it passes very quickly. For the professional they are looking for a beautiful full pink frosting which indicates the penetration level has reached the dermis which we want. Immediately after the peel you will just feel a little sunburnt.

During the peel

The Cosmo Peel Forte is recommended for the following skin conditions;

[if !supportLists]• [endif]Wrinkles

[if !supportLists]• [endif]Texture irregularities

[if !supportLists]• [endif]Smoker’s complexion

[if !supportLists]• [endif]Pigment disorders

This amazing peel can’t be performed on darker skins (Fitzpatrick photo-type 4-6) due to the potential of hyper- or hypo-pigmentation. A light skinned client/ patient should have 2 maximum a year with at least 8 weeks apart.

I am a complete fan of this amazing peel and I highly recommend you try it (if it is suitable to your skin).

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