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Lets begin with an obvious declaration: I am pale. This makes my choice to pursue a career in fly fishing rather comical & non-skin friendly. You see, fly fishing translated to those who do not have a passion for the sport is a day spent wet to the knees, standing in the sun & waving a stick.

But I do have a passion for fly fishing & I have been lucky enough to visit some of the globes most exotic locations in pursuit of all manner of fish. From the Seychelles to Argentina, the US & recently the Bolivian Rainforest I have caught fish, taken photos & made fly fishing short-films.

But being pale has created an ongoing conundrum. How to avoid sun burn that could ruin a tour but also how to avoid severe sun damage that ultimately leads to leather skin or worse… skin cancer.

The key for me is simple. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible by wearing SPF approved technical apparel & protecting visible skin with the best broad-spectrum sunblock I can lay my hands on. This protocol includes hats, buffs, long-sleeves at all times & of course the early application & reapplication of broad spectrum sunblock, which in my case is Sun Ceutic factor 50.

Why Sun Ceutic?

The answer is in the photographs: I have never suffered a sunburn while wearing Sun Ceutic 50. I’ve spent hours on the flats in the Seychelles with literally nowhere to hide & returned to camp as pale as when I left. Not good for the tan, but incredible for my comfort & peace of mind. The same can be reported from days on the bow of fishing boats fighting reflection off the water to bashing my way through the jungle.

Application is easy, non-greasy & it absorbs quickly. All of which are key areas when you consider I tie a ton of knots each day and make a point of getting my photo taken with fish. White residue is a big photography no no!

This may be overkill too but I am also yet to sweat Sun Ceutic into my eyes either and cried about it. Not for fishing reasons but other brands I’ve tried eventually drip with sweat into my eyes creating a teary 15-minutes not dissimilar to cutting onions. I’m in the sun, I sweat a lot – this cannot take me out of the game. Sun Ceutic 50 never has.

Lastly I do enjoy the size of the Sun Ceutic 50. Its works so damn well & it fits so easily into my day-pack or fishing vest. I literally take a Sun Ceutic with me everywhere I go.

Apparently Sun Ceutic 50 also has a whole bunch of other features including hydration etc. etc. but I’m a guy, and I don’t really pay that much attention to hydration levels of my skin anyway. The point is, I’m sold on Sun Ceutic 50 because it keeps me safe in the sun, I have faith regardless of where in the world I am, and its small enough to take anywhere in the world I’m going.

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