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When we peel the skin, we breakdown or in fact remove the skins protective barrier in order for it to repair itself again. The skin is broken down in this way to induce a wound healing response which will then initiate a cascade of repair mechanisms in the skin. There is a certain amount of discomfort that comes with a treatment such as this and in some cases, downtime. The skin will normally feel warm and/or inflamed, it may show signs of flushing or redness and it will most certainly feel sensitive to the touch. This means that post peel, the skin is exposed and vulnerable until it is able to rebuild itself. We must therefore treat it with great care to ensure it is well protected, soothed and fed in order to enhance the repairing or rebuilding process.

Enter…..the Dermaceutic Post Treatment Recovery Creams:

First up, we have K-Ceutic. The advanced formula of this product will maintain hydration levels as well as optimize the healing process. The active ingredients are combined to ensure a complete treatment of repairing, moisturizing, protecting as well as soothing. The K Complex is most vital as it has the soothing agents to combat inflammation. Glycoprotein assists the repairing mechanism in the skin by assisting with the rebuilding of that outer layer. Vitamins C&E are strong antioxidants that will protect and fight and limit the signs of photo-ageing. It will also provide complete sun protection with an SPF50 including UVA & UVB barriers. This product is an absolute must in our sunny climate and every client should be using it post peeling. I also love it as a comfort cream during our harsh winter months when the skin feels drier. In this case, it is wonderful to use over your day or night cream to give the skin the extra nourishment it needs.

Secondly we have the newer…. Panthenol Ceutic. Launched last year this product is designed to restore skin comfort and provide calming and soothing with immediate effect to a deeper peeled skin. I have very comfortably also used it after more superficial peels, especially where you have a hyper sensitivity that results in some frosting. The active ingredients are combined to ensure the skin is firstly soothed and calmed – think reduced discomfort and inflammation as well as an evident protective layer on the surface. It is just what the skin wants and needs after a deeper peel. The key ingredients of Panthenol and Bisabolol will provide the immediate soothing mentioned above as well as restoration of the skin barrier. Shea Butter & Beeswax will provide intense hydration and nourishment to the skin. This product also works wonders as a barrier cream (over your normal moisturizer) when exposed to extreme temperature changes, like a wind chill on the face when cycling in the early winter mornings.

Both products give us as therapists the confidence to perform superficial to deep peels with the knowledge that the skins we are working with will be well cared for with superior and advanced homecare treatments.

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