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Welcome to all the newbies and welcome back to our loyal users. With the new year comes another opportunity to get working on achieving (or maintaining) great skin. Dermaceutic takes all the hassle out of monotonous skincare regimes and loads of different product applications and puts it into 4/5 very easy and very effective steps.

We want to help you achieve great skin this year and in order to do this it’s important to remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body – you only have 1 skin! In order to obtain great skin, it’s vital to understand that the skin also needs to breathe, eat, workout and rest, so to attain great skin this year you need to invest in a skincare regime that will in essence, take your skin to gym and give it a personal chef :)

Achieving great skin can be daunting, especially with the price tag attached to homecare products, the time needed for treatments and the dreaded cost of those ‘pamper facials’. With Dermaceutic, we try and take the daunting out of skin care. Our range is packed with some of the highest amounts of quality, active ingredients and our peels are not only cost effective, but they’re time effective too.

If you’re about to venture to a Dermaceutic Clinic for the first time, it’s important to inform your skin professional of your concerns, results you want to achieve, your daily and nightly regime as well as your diet and lifestyle. All these contribute to how your skin functions and more importantly, how we can tailor make your treatment plan and prescribe products to support you in achieving great skin. Even diet supplementation will make a difference to your skin care. When consulting with your skin care professional, make sure you mention what vitamins and minerals you are taking.

A Milk Peel is always the base line – even if you’re a seasoned user and have experienced all our peels. The Milk Peel will not only slowly resurface the skin, but it will boost collagen production, increase hydration and balance skin functions. Our Dermaceutic Experts, physicians and professionals will always recommend starting off with a series of Milk Peels to balance the skin and get down to the core area where they will re-assess and then work on specific skin issues/ailments. Generally speaking, we recommend 4 Milk Peels done on alternate weeks. Within 8 weeks, the skin will be resurfaced, blemish free and rejuvenated. Going forward, maintenance peels are done every 28 days to maintain and encourage new skin cell proliferation.

With the R&R we’ve all enjoyed over the summer months, I’m sure we’ve all had just a little too much sun, too much indulgence and not so much hydration – leaving the skin a little ‘lack-luster’. Optimum skin recovery is needed and Dermaceutic Regenceutic, is the perfect way to start balancing the hydration levels, along with Foamer 15 which offers optimal exfoliation and cleansing.

C25 Cream is another great way to restore anti-oxidants and boost collagen within the skin. During harsh /prolonged sun exposure, UVA starts to break down the skin’s scaffolding (collagen). This in turn dehydrates the skin and begins to slow the skin’s functioning down, resulting in dead skin build up, breakouts and pigmentation. Vitamin C is one of the best and much needed antioxidants needed to restore and rebuild. This key product is best used during the day and between peels as it bolsters collagen and prevents environmental exposure as it contains 25% Vitamin C and other antioxidants.

Whether you are new to our range or an advanced Dermaceutic user, everybody LOVES a fresh, less-lined-skin. Dermalift 5.0 provides the skin with a large dose of R&R. with only 1-2 small pumps in the morning, this remarkable serum tenses the skin immediately giving it a ‘tighter’ appearance and works long term on tightening and remodelling that scaffolding, giving you the control over great looking skin. It’s also a fabulous cheat product, if you’ve had a late night and you are looking a bit over tired in the morning.

If you are going to invest in great skin, it’s important to give your skin a minimum of 3 months on the range with consecutive peels before deciding if it is or isn’t working. Whether you’ve been using a well known salon / spa range or if you’ve been buying your skincare products whilst at the chemist or grocery shopping, it must be understood that Dermaceutic is a Medical grade product with many more active ingredients, so you will need to start slowly and allow 3 skin cycles (about 3-4 months) in order to see the true results of Dermaceutic.



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