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What is not to love when your skin is smooth, radiant and healthy? Dermaceutic was designed to do just that. These range of products were designed to change skin and give you the best skin you can have.

Good skin starts with cleansing. Advanced Cleanser was designed to remove make-up effectively. It also removes any excess oil, which your skin will produce naturally during the day. When make-up and excess oil is not removed effectively it will build-up in the pores leading to blackheads, which in turn can lead to congestion and breakouts.

Did you know that pollution molecules are 20 times smaller than your pore? These molecules get trapped in the oil in our pores leading to blackheads. This is one of the reasons that people living in a city will often suffer with congestion and breakouts more than people living in the country.

The best part about the Advanced Cleanser is that it cleans the skin thoroughly, but doesn't leave your skin tight and dehydrated. When we leave the skin tight and dehydrated it often becomes oilier over time.

This amazing Cleanser contains the following active ingredients:

Xylitol: This ingredient prevents dehydration by promoting and controlling water flow. Your skin won't feel tight, but rather well hydrated.

Zinc: This ingredient helps to remove the excess oil and has an anti-microbial action, helping to keep your skin free from congestion and breakouts.

Urea: A wonderful moisturizing agent that ensures to keep your skin supple and remove any traces of dryness.

Glycerin: Provides the skin with a protective film and optimum hydration.

The Advanced Cleanser is safe to use on the eye area and is a very effective eye make-up remover. It is suitable for the most sensitive skins, making it ideal for eczema and psoriasis sufferers and post aesthetic procedures when the skin could be sensitized.

There is no better feeling than washing your face with a gentle, but effective cleanser and leaving your skin feeling moisturized and silk-like afterwards.

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